Infocast Corpopration (OTC BB symbol: "IFCC"), an e-Enabling service provider, is working with IMARK Corporation (TSE: IAK), a digital entertainment company, to develop and deploy a state-of-the-art communication gateway for the trucking industry. This new initiative, called, is being built to meet the increasing demands for real-time communication and mobile access to information by drivers and fleet operators. The 14 million driver, 85,000 firm trucking industry will be the initial focus, a market where IMARK currently provides millions of hours of digital audio entertainment and enjoys a 50% share of the audiobook market. The trucking industry portal,, is targeted to reach the $350 billion trucking industry on three levels: the industry, the fleet and the driver. It is designed to be delivered to this geographically dispersed market via the latest broadband technology, whether terrestrial, wireless or satellite.

The new offering will be an exclusive service for truck drivers and their fleets. Members will have personalized access to a wide range of resources, including industry information, daily planning tools, mobile entertainment and online communication services. As a members-only site, eHighwayman clients will be able to obtain information and 'live agent' support 24 X 7 through multiple channels including web, phone, and email, either on or off the road. InfoCast is enhancing this comprehensive communications portal with its complete offering of e-business services. The world-class data center and technical support team of the InfoCast Hosting division will provide the expertise required to run this online application. InfoCast's Contact Center technology will be used to maintain the interactive contact needs of the eHighwayman portal. eHighwayman members will also have access to InfoCast's complete suite of e-learning modules.

"IMARK is the perfect client to showcase our entire suite of e-Enabling services," says Jim Leech, CEO of InfoCast. "InfoCast's total integrated solution will allow IMARK's management team to focus on their core competencies, by taking care of all of their technology and support needs. It truly is a win-win situation."

"The trucking fleets face numerous challenges, including high driver turnover and increasing operating costs. Our portal will bring them real value by reducing costs and building driver loyalty," says Don Matheson, CEO of IMARK. "We also recognize that truckers are a part of a unique industry, and eHighwayman celebrates its membership by providing an exclusive community that supports the trucking lifestyle."