Infocast Corpopration (OTC BB symbol: "IFCC"), an e-Enabling service provider, is working with IMARK Corporation (TSE: IAK), a digital entertainment company, to develop and deploy a state-of-the-art communication gateway for the trucking industry. This new initiative, called, is being built to meet the increasing demands for real-time communication and mobile access to information by drivers and fleet operators. The 14 million driver, 85,000 firm trucking industry will be the initial focus, a market where IMARK currently provides millions of hours of digital audio entertainment and enjoys a 50% share of the audiobook market. The trucking industry portal,, is targeted to reach the $350 billion trucking industry on three levels: the industry, the fleet and the driver. It is designed to be delivered to this geographically dispersed market via the latest broadband technology, whether terrestrial, wireless or satellite.