Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has appointed Peter Hahn as Business Area president, effective 1 January next year.

Hahn succeeds Claus Barsøe and will continue his predecessor's role as a member of group management. Barsøe will become EVP within Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, focusing on the transition to the new president and future business development.

Hahn has dual US and German citizenship and is currently president, Global Business Development, including global head of the aerospace and automotive segments at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.

He has held various senior positions in the business area since 2001; he headed  the Americas operation and for a long time its European section; the two sectors combined constitute three-quarters of the business area's sales.

In addition, he has been responsible for the establishment of the global hubs for aerospace and automotive, a number of acquisitions and the business area's expansion in Eastern Europe.

Before joining Trelleborg, Peter worked in various senior management positions at 4M Technologies, Leybold and Degussa.