Press preview days are 25 & 26 October

Press preview days are 25 & 26 October

Toyota has revealed initial details of a hydrogen fuel cell concept which will make its motor show debut in Tokyo later this month. The Fine-Comfort Ride has a claimed range of 1,000km, which compares to 650km for the Mirai.

Information on most of the following models can be found in PLDB, just-auto's global vehicle database. Simply click on the link at the end of this list.

Daihatsu DN Compagno concept: small four-door coupe with 1960s styling cues, may well make production

Daihatsu DN Multisix concept: likely to show the styling of the next Xenia compact MPV

Daihatsu DN Pro Cargo concept: design study for a micro-van which is meant to be inspired by the 1957 Midget

Daihatsu DN Trec concept: could be a preview of a potential rival for the Suzuki Ignis

Daihatsu DN U-Space concept: a preview of a future Kei micro passenger van

Honda Sports EV concept: same electric architecture as the recent Urban EV concept from the Frankfurt IAA

Lexus concept: details under embargo

Mazda hatchback concept: most likely to be a preview of the next Axela/Mazda3, powered by a 2.0-litre SkyActiv-X (compression-ignition petrol) engine

Mazda concept: couuld be a preview of an RX-8 successor, may be either powered by a Wankel engine or use one as a range extender

Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept: "Artificial Intelligence technology under a low slung aerodynamic SUV Coupe shape" is what the media release says, further details to follow

Nissan 'Intelligent Mobility Concept': details to follow, just this video at the moment

Nissan Leaf NISMO concept: larger wheels, red front splitter and side skirts, power output not yet known

Nissan Serena NISMO: sports version of this MPV, the latest generation of which has been in production since August 2016

Nissan Skyline facelift: same styling update which the near-identical Infiniti Q50 had at the Geneva motor show in March

Subaru S208: a version of the WRX STI and limited to 450 cars

Subaru VIZIV performance concept: no specifics just yet but it may turn out to be a concept version of the WRX replacement

Suzuki Carry Open-Air Market concept: design study for a variant of the firm's mini-truck

Suzuki e-Survivor: uses the Jimny's new ladder frame chassis

Suzuki Jimny: details to follow

Suzuki Spacia concept: a preview of the next generation of this tall hatchback which is a 660cc model in Japan

Suzuki Spacia Custom concept: pre-production version of the next generation model

Suzuki XBee (cross-bee): "a compact crossover wagon of a whole new genre, fused with spacious cabin and an SUV", closely based on the existing Hustler mini-crossover

Suzuki Xbee Outdoor Adventure: "an elegant outdoor model which blends into the nature well, to enhance the fun of outdoor activities"

Suzuki Xbee Street Adventure: sports version of the Xbee

Toyota Century: third generation of the brand's largest limousine, shares its 3,090mm wheelbase with the outgoing Lexus LS 600hL

Toyota Concept-i Ride: two-seat EV with AI and no steering wheel, learns the driver's habits

Toyota Concept-i Walk: Segway-like three-wheeler which also has Artificial Intelligence

Toyota Crown Concept: a preview of the fifteenth generation of this large sedan

Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride concept: six-seat hydrogen fuel cell prototype with a claimed range of up to 1,000km

Toyota GR HV Sports concept: modified 86 with hybrid powertrain and a targa roof

Toyota Sora concept: prototype of a 22-seat bus powered by a fuel cell, 100 will enter service in 2018 as part of the build up to the 2020 Olympic Games

Toyota Tj concept: 4.3m long cargo van and SUV mash-up

Yamaha MWC-4 concept: electric four-wheeler in the style of Renault Twizy but leans like a bike and has a range-extender

Future product program intelligence

Additional data on vehicle lifetime and future product plans, such as code names, production plants and expected annual build, are available in PLDB from QUBE.