Toyota Motor Corp. revised vehicle sales, production and exports projections upward from its original plan announced in December 1999, said Fujio Cho, president of the company on Monday(24/07/00).

Overseas sales for 2000 were revised upward by 110,000 units to about 3.35 million units or 9% from an original forecast due to favorable sales in Asian and North American markets.

Meanwhile, exports' forecast was raised by 80,000 units to 1.65 million units while the worldwide production forecast was also raised by 140,000 units to 5.15 million units.

Toyota produced 1.72 million units and sold 917 thousand units domestically in January-June 2000, up 13.1 % and 5.3% respectively from the same period the previous year.

The company raised overseas sales to 892,000 units, up 9.9%. Toyota also increased exports by 821,000, up 13.1%.

The company revised projections for 2000 as it expects to maintain current domestic sales and increased exports for Asia and North America, the company said.