The newly established Lexus dealer network in Japan will commence operations on August 30, Toyota announced on Thursday.

Vehicles sold eslsewhere under the Lexus nameplate have, until now, been badged 'Toyota' in Japan - the LS400 is the Toyota Celsior and the RX330 the Toyota Harrier, for example.

Lexus will launch with the (newly redesigned) GS and SC model lines, with sales of the (also just redesigned) IS following a month later.

The automaker showed off central Tokyo's newly constructed "Lexus Takanawa" dealer facility to the press on Thursday, introducing features exclusive to the Lexus brand showrooms and highlighting the various specialised services available.

According to a Toyota statement, the Lexus brand aims to be "a new global premium brand for the 21st century" responsive to the growing number of customers who place more emphasis on individuality and a "sense of the best" than they did in the past.

Lexus is preparing for its Japanese market launch based on its conviction that people, dealer facilities and the "spirit of hospitality" are vital components necessary to successfully provide high-quality products and an unparalleled purchasing and after-sales service experience.

"Dealers will provide the sense of luxury demanded by the Lexus brand and, in the pursuit of customer-centred service, all dealer facilities throughout Japan will be uniform in exterior and interior design, as well as in functions and other features, to ensure that all customers are consistently provided the same positive impression and welcoming hospitality," Toyota said.

"Lexus seeks to provide a sense of security and satisfaction that exceeds customer expectations in all aspects from the initiation of sales talks to after-sales service. [It} will also aim to offer peak levels of hospitality by creating structures that will allow customers to rely on [us] during emergencies or at any other time. This will include the Lexus Owner's Desk, a dedicated call centre, and G-Link, a dedicated telematics service," the statement added.

The brand will be launched via a nationwide specialist dealer network of 140 outlets, expanding to 150 by year's end, and there are plans for up to 180 eventually.