Telecommunications company Telstra has installed a cutaway version of the Toyota Camry in its new Sydney Innovation Centre as part of a business partnership designed to further develop in-car technology and telematics.

The cutaway will allow working groups to test new intelligent transport systems in a hands-on environment.

A spokesman said the car would form part of a special "innovation zone" in the complex.

"The innovation zones are designed to allow cross-industry project teams to test technology and applications in everyday customer environments, such as the home, car, hotel room or corporate workplace," he said. The centres were also designed to give customers hands-on experience of new technologies.

"We believe it is vital that customers are part of the project teams, along with our corporate partners," he said.

Toyota and Telstra plan to work on joint product research projects at the centre, focusing on a host of intelligent transport solutions involving telematics, GPS and satellite navigation systems.

"We plan to take advantage of the centre by having our people join project groups that have potential automotive applications," a Toyota Australia spokesman said.

The car maker recently introduced the Link vehicle communication system on some models.

Link uses the Telstra telecommunications network to provide vehicle owners with a selection of safety, security and convenience functions.