Toyota aims to produce and sell 10.2m vehicles next year, keeping targets largely flat from its 2015 estimates amid sluggish demand in southeast Asia.

Toyota says it plans group production of 10.2m units in 2016, including vehicles manufactured by Daihatsu Motor and Hino Motors, with sales volume set at 10.1m units. That would mean Toyota production topping 10m units for the fourth consecutive year but with both totals less than 1% ahead of the forecast 2015 totals.

Toyota expects sales in emerging markets to decline next year due to economic slowdown in places such as Thailand and Indonesia, but it projects sales in the US will remain strong.

Toyota 2016 sales and production plans (%ch on forecast total for this year)

Japanese sales1,550,000 (3%)620,000 (4%)61,000 (0%)2,231,000 (3%)
Sales outside Japan7,600,000 (-1%)170,000 (-7%)114,000 (6%)7,884,000 (-1%)
Global sales9,150,000 (0%)790,000 (1%)174,000 (4%)10,114,000 (0%)
Japanese production3,200,000 (0%)780,000 (5%)155,000 (3%)4,135,000 (1%)
Production outside Japan5,740,000 (0%)290,000 (3%)32,000 (24%)6,062,000 (0%)
Global production8,940,000 (0%)1,070,000 (3%)186,000 (6%)10,196,000 (1%)

NB Japanese sales include production outside Japan; Japanese production includes kits for assembly outside Japan; production outside Japan excludes kits from Japan