Denyo and Toyota have jointly developed a fuel cell power supply vehicle that uses hydrogen to generate electricity.

Denyo, maker of mobile portable generators, will work with Toyota to start verification tests with the aim of commercialising the vehicle.

Both think fuel cells are needed in such vehicle to further reduce CO2 emissions.

Uses would include disaster areas without power and entertainment venues such as outdoor concerts.

Current generation power supply vehicles mostly use diesel engines. The fuel cell power supply vehicles supply up to 72 hours of continuous power  and also provide water for showers and other uses as a by-product of the power generation.

The vehicle is based on Toyota's Dyna light-duty truck equipped with the Mirai power source. Power supply equipment is from Denyo. The vehicle carries about 65 kilograms of hydrogen (in 27 tanks) for traveling long distances and generating power for long periods of time.

Verification tests start now. It will be compared against conventional engine based power generators to verify the unique characteristics of fuel cell power supply vehicles, including their impact on various load equipment and reductions of CO2 emissions.