Toyota Motor president Akio Toyoda and two other Toyota executives earned more than JPY100m in the fiscal year to 31 March, 2013, reflecting the automaker's robust earnings, its annual financial report said.

Toyoda's salary was JPY184m yen in fiscal 2012, up 35.3% from the previous year. Honorary chairman Fujio Cho, who was chairman until 14 June, earned JPY159m, up 10.4%, according to Kyodo News.

Takeshi Uchiyamada, who was promoted to chairman from vice chairman on the day, earned JPY111m. His salary in fiscal 2011 remained undisclosed as it was below JPY100m.

The total for Toyoda includes JPY100m in basic salary, JPY81m in bonus and JPY3m in stock options, or rights to buy shares in Toyota. The bonus compares with JPY20m in fiscal 2011.

In fiscal 2012, Toyota's group net profit jumped 3.4-fold from a year earlier to JPY962.1bn while it returned to the black in terms of parent-only operating balance for the first time in five years.