Toyota says it is recalling around 650,000 vehicles in Japan because of potentially defective airbags supplied by Takata. The move expands a previous recall of airbags from the supplier.

A Takata spokesman told Reuters that more vehicles could be recalled by other manufacturers because of potential airbag inflator defects.

Japanese carmakers and BMW announced undertook recalls last year involving 3.6m vehicles sold around the world because airbags supplied by Takata were at risk of catching fire or injuring passengers.

Reuters said that Honda and Nissan also said they were investigating whether they needed to recall more vehicles due to this problem.

Toyota said it was expanding the recall it announced in April 2013 because the serial numbers that Takata had provided for potentially flawed airbag inflators had been incomplete.

Toyota also said that it would instruct its dealers in overseas markets to begin replacing suspect Takata inflators on all of the vehicles covered by last year's recall. Previously, Toyota had asked its dealers to inspect the airbags and only replace those that were judged to be defective.