Toyota is claiming a world first for the front door glass in the redesigned Vitz (Yaris) that reduces ultraviolet (UV) penetration by approximately 99%. The new car is scheduled for launch at the end of this year. 

Combining use of the glass with a windscreen that reduces UV penetration by approximately 99% will result in an approximately 99% combined reduction in UV penetration through the front door windows and screen.  TMC estimates that the resulting sunburn protection is equivalent to that of wearing gloves while driving. 

Windscreens, which use laminated glass, can be given approximately 99% UV-reduction performance by inserting a UV-blocking film between two sheets of glass in the laminating process.  Door windows generally use single piece tempered glass that is often imbued with a UV-absorbing material to achieve approximately 89% UV protection.  Getting the UV-reduction performance of door-window glass closer to 100% requires the use of UV absorption technologies.  Thus, the interior side of the window glass for the Vitz has been surfaced with a high-performance UV-absorbing film to achieve approximately 99% UV-reduction performance.