Toyoda Gosei, Uno Minda, an Indian automotive supplier, and Toyota Tsusho have signed an agreement to establish a joint manufacturing company in India.

The new company, Minda TG Rubber (MTG), is in Bawal, Rewari district, Haryana, about 100 miles southwest of New Delhi, and is scheduled to start operation in September 2015.

It will supply brake hoses and other automotive rubber hoses to local automakers.

Since 2011, Toyoda Gosei and Minda have been cooperating with each other through the joint ownership of Toyoda Gosei Minda India which Toyoda Gosei originally established in 2008.

It produces safety systems such as airbags and sealing products such as weatherstrips.

The companies said the new joint venture would further strengthen the partnership between Toyoda Gosei and Minda and help both companies expand business in the growing market.