Torvec today entered into an agreement and plan of merger to acquire Ice Surface Development (ISD), a wholly-owned subsidiary of UTEK Corporation. As a result, Torvec will acquire an exclusive worldwide licence granted by the trustees of Dartmouth College for land-based applications to a novel ice adhesion modification system developed by Professor Victor F. Petrenko at Dartmouth Thayer School of Engineering.

The Dartmouth patented technology allows for the rapid non-thermal de-icing of vehicle surfaces using a novel electrochemical decomposition technology invented by Dr. Petrenko of Dartmouth's Ice Research Laboratory.

Dr. Petrenko's work has shown that electrodes attached directly to surfaces can break down ice and water through the process of electrolysis. When applied to automotive and truck surfaces, gas bubbles of hydrogen and oxygen are formed during the electrolysis process. These bubbles generate pressure on the automobile surface therefore shedding ice. The Torvec-Dartmouth team intends to adapt this principle to automotive de-icing systems.

In June, 2000, Dr. Petrenko's technology was licensed by Dartmouth to The BF Goodrich Company for all aircraft and marine applications. Recently Discover magazine honored Dr. Petrenko's technology as the "most innovative invention for the aerospace industry in the year 2000".

Torvec acquired ISD from UTEK to integrate the Dartmouth de-icing technology into its Fast Tracked Vehicle as well as to sub-license the technology for a wide-assortment of land-based motorised vehicle applications (e.g. cars, trucks, trains, trailers), including their components (e.g. windshields). The technology also holds promise for significantly increasing the traction of tires and tracks on ice.

The company believes that the de-icing technology it has acquired and its joint venture with Dartmouth College to conduct research for the commercialisation of the technology will enable it to develop innovative ice protection solutions, not only for its Fast Track Vehicle, but for all automobiles, jeeps, trucks, trailers, trains and the like, including all manner of land-based motorised recreational vehicles.

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