Dallas, Texas - (October 19, 2000) - Grand Prairie Ford, which recently moved into a new 23 acre location, today becomes the first Ford dealership in the country to utilize Video E-Mail technology according to Peter Martin, Jr., founder and president of ExpandMail.com. ExpandMail.com ( www.expandmail.com ) has developed Video E-Mail technology to distribute customized vehicle sales presentations and information links in a regular e-mail. Grand Prairie Ford has also launched a new web site, www.FlagShipFord.com, as the primary vehicle to distribute the Video E-Mails.

Car shoppers can now view Video E-Mail Brochures for each Ford model by visiting FlagShipFord.com, selecting a model, and then their Internet connection speed. The Video E-Mail Brochure automatically plays the Video Brochure, which contains a vehicle TV commercial. Consumers can also click on direct links to gather additional information.

"If someone wants to see and research a Ford Explorer, they can click on the Explorer Video Brochure to watch the video, learn about standard and optional equipment, schedule a test drive, get finance pre-approval, and much more," explains Grand Prairie Ford GM, Jeff Baker. "It's the perfect Internet tool to create customer excitement and provide vehicle and dealership information."

Shoppers can also receive the vehicle Video Brochure in their e-mail inbox. "If a prospect requests information about a particular vehicle we can immediately e-mail that person a Video E-Mail Brochure," Baker said. "Our goal is to give consumers the information they demand while they are still sitting at their computer." The slow response time of getting information back from dealerships is one of the biggest complaints heard from online car shoppers.

ExpandMail.com, an affiliate of MetroAutoMall.com, launched Video E-Mail technology in August 2000. It allows e-businesses to send a streaming video message, combined with a fully functioning web site, through a standard e-mail. Video E-Mail uses advanced, patent-pending technology that streams video yet does not require the downloading of an attached file.