Alphabet (Google parent) self-driving unit Waymo said at the weekend Matthew Schwall had joined the company from Tesla where he was the main technical contact with US safety investigators.

According to Reuters, the company confirmed the move earlier reported by the Wall Street Journal which said Schwall joined Waymo's safety team headed by former National Highway Traffic Safety Administration deputy administrator Ron Medford.

The former Tesla executive began at Waymo last Monday and will work on a variety of self-driving car safety issues in his new role, the Journal reported.

Reuters noted Schwall, who was director of field performance engineering at Tesla, left the company at a time when the National Transportation Safety Board has been investigating multiple crashes involving the electric vehicles.

Last week, the NTSB said it would investigate a Tesla accident in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, that killed two teenagers and injured another - the agency's fourth active probe into crashes of the company's electric vehicles.

Tesla has said its Autopilot system was not in use during that crash.