Tesla has opened its second large charging station in China in the Fengtai district of Beijing.

It follows a similar charging centre opened in Shanghai in October both capable of charging 50 cars at once. 

Tesla is keen to promote the convenience and ease of owning electric vehicles with these flagship charging stations, in what has become the largest and fastest growing electric vehicle market.

Tesla's latest corporate data shows China sales growing 79% to US$563m in the third quarter of 2017 – equivalent to 20% of its global tally.

Tesla has around 800 charging pounts in 170 cities in China, according to local reports. Beijing, which has some of the highest pollution levels in the country, has 140. The car maker expects to have at least 1,000 points by the end of the year.

Tesla also has been in talks about building a local assembly plant in one of China's free trade zones  though no decision has been announced.

It has a European final assembly factory in the Netherlands.