A detailed analysis of explosive growth -- including statistics, subscriber and revenue figures in the emerging area of "telematics" --is the focus of a cross-industry conference scheduled for October 31-November 1 in Las Vegas, Nev. In-vehicle entertainment and information systems, known as "telematics," are an emerging market opportunity for automobile manufacturers, consumer electronics suppliers and wireless communications carriers. The combination of location technology with wireless Internet access is expected to generate a flood of electronic commerce plans for commercial and personal vehicles. Currently, telematics is an option on more than 3 million model-year 2000 vehicles.

The conference, called "Telematics: Real World Case Studies for In-Vehicle Wireless Information," will take place at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. ATX Technologies and Verizon Wireless will host the conference. The event is a production of Allied Business Intelligence and Shorecliff Communications Inc.

"The In-Vehicle ITS market could easily expand to cover $65 billion per year by 2004," according to industry analyst Larry Swazey of Allied Business Intelligence.

Featured speakers who will discuss the emerging technology include: Steven A. Millstein, CEO of ATX Technologies; Russell Minick, Director Telematics Acceleration at Ford Motor Company; Frank Forkin, Director of the U.S. Automotive Group for J.D. Power and Associates, and Imran Anwar, President and CEO of EverTrak.

Additional featured speakers include: Douglas Pritt, Senior Vice President, Sprint PCS; Saul Rubin, Director of UBS Warburg; Eric Ewald, Director, Deutsch Telecom; Ken Liu, CEO of InfoGation; Eric Wendel, Manager of Telematics for Mercedes Benz; Uday Nagendran, Director of Mobile Services, US Wireless, and Joseph Abely, President & COO, Lo Jack.

"This conference is a good opportunity for the executives involved with wireless, automotive and consumer electronics to gain an accurate assessment of the progress and potential of the wireless in-vehicle market opportunity," said Andrea Downs, president of Shorecliff Communication Inc. and the conference director.

Registrations are still being accepted for the conference. Individuals may register online at www.scievents.com or by calling toll-free 800/608-9641

About ATX Technologies

ATX Technologies provides leading-edge telematics services for mobile applications including automatic collision notification, location-based emergency response and roadside assistance, stolen vehicle tracking, navigation and other location-based information services. The company pioneered in-vehicle and automotive aftermarket applications of telematics beginning in 1995 and in 1999 introduced telematics services in handheld wireless devices. ATX customers include Mercedes-Benz USA, Ford, Nissan Motor Corporation's Infiniti division, Jaguar, and Lincoln-Mercury. Strategic alliances include Sirius Satellite Radio. ATX is headquartered in Dallas with an office in Detroit.

About Verizon Wireless

WIN4 is the first national wireless network designed to support the growing traffic (data or data with voice content) between cars, gas meters, computers and other machines and the people who need to manage and monitor them. Developed by Verizon Wireless, the WIN4 network can accommodate messages of any size and provides coverage throughout the United States and Canada, through arrangements with more than 60 wireless carriers.

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Allied Business Intelligence is the world's leading supplier of business intelligence for manufacturers in the communications and emerging technology industries. ABI's analytical skills and seasoned business judgment come together in each market study and provide unique insights and intelligent analytical recommendations for our client's markets and products around the world.