Toyota has agreed to pay an unspecified amount in taxes retroactively after authorities found it had failed to report some income, Reuters reported, noting that a Toyota spokesman declined to provide details, including whether the payment would affect its earnings this year.

According to the news agency, the Asahi Shimbun newspaper reported that Toyota had failed to report $US45 million in taxable income, leading the Nagoya Regional Tax Bureau to order payment of two billion yen including an administrative fine.

"There was a difference in interpretation between our side and the tax authorities, and we decided to accept the tax bureau's directive," the Toyota spokesman told Reuters.

The news agency said figures released by the National Tax Agency on Tuesday showed Toyota reported the highest taxable income in Japan last year for the fourth straight term, at 988.73 billion yen -- nearly three times the amount at second-ranked Tokyo Electric Power.

According to the Asahi, Reuters said, of the five billion yen it said was unreported, Toyota had deliberately shrunk its taxable income by about one billion yen by transferring the funds to a wholly owned unit in Singapore as aid to help it boost sales in the region.