Suzuki's overseas vehicle output will increase 5.1 percent to 930,000 this fiscal year while 891,000 units, up 4.3 percent, are made in Japan.

Total production around the world is targeted at 1.82 million units, up 4.7 percent.

Only about half will carry Suzuki badging, however. While Suzuki expects to sell 5.4 percent more vehicles under its own brand, a total of 922,000, many more will be sold as General Motors, Mazda, Nissan and Subaru products.

Suzuki has long supplied minicars to Mazda for sale in Japan and 3,000 more units will soon be built a month for Nissan. Suzuki will also build a small Chevrolet for Asia-Pacific markets and also supplies GM with its small Vitara SUV (for sale as the Chevrolet Tracker). Mazda also buys a Tracker derivative while a four-wheel drive version of Suzuki's ancient Swift hatchback goes to European Subaru distributors.

Suzuki plans to increase capital expenditure by 8.6 percent this fiscal year to 83 billion yen (US$677 million).

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