Petrol powered company cars could potentially disappear in 10 years, according to two sets of research by Lex Autolease in the UK.

"Diesel has already overtaken petrol as the fuel of choice in the fleet sector, which is renowned for being an early adopter of new vehicle technologies," said Lex Autolease principal consultant Chris Chandler.

"But clearly, there is an expectation the move away from petrol will accelerate as hybrids and EVs now begin to attract greater market share."

Less than 5% of both groups polled believe that petrol cars will outsell other fuel types in a decade's time. In contrast, eight out of 10 business drivers (78%) and two thirds of financial directors (65%), are confident that hybrid or electric vehicles (EVs) will become the most popular company car choice.

The Lex Autolease surveys were conducted with 230 company drivers and 70 directors of finance. Further findings from the leasing company's driver survey show 87% would consider a diesel for their next company car, while just 28% would put a petrol option on their shortlist.

Almost half of all drivers polled would like to road test either a hybrid or a fully electric vehicle, while almost two thirds of finance bosses believe that employees should be given the option to add these vehicles to their company car choice list.