Visual impact is a commodity which the Audi TT Coupé and Roadster quattros have arguably never lacked, but customers keen to highlight and underline these style statements even further can now do so with a range of bold new exterior colours.

The new palette of colours includes everything from the subtle hues of Merlin Purple to the somewhat less understated Imola Yellow (pictured). Each is available to special order at an extra cost of £1,029 including VAT. The full colour range is available for viewing at Audi Centres nationwide.

Also new this week to 180bhp versions of the TT Coupé quattro and Roadster quattro is a 6-speed gearbox, which replaces the 5-speed version fitted since launch. The extra gear enables all the lower ratios to be spaced more closely, resulting in even keener engine response, improved mid-range performance and a generally sharper and more sporting feel on the move, without any sacrifices in fuel consumption. As the engine is under less load in sixth gear at motorway speeds, cruising is also more relaxed.

The new gearbox further enhances a specification list for the 180bhp TT quattro which already includes 16-inch alloy wheels, remote control central locking, leather upholstered front sports seats, electronic climate control, driver, front passenger and front side airbags, the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and of course the latest evolution of the quattro four-wheel-drive system.

Following price reductions which came into effect in July the 180bhp TT Coupé quattro now costs £24,050, and the Roadster quattro £26,300. The 225bhp TT Coupe quattro fits in at £26,750, with its Roadster quattro equivalent at £29,000.