Popular retro styling combined with the latest in modern technology and materials - that's Hyundai's exciting new Neos concept car.

Created by top engineers at Hyundai's research and development facility in Japan, the Neos (which stands for New Evolution Open Sportscar) is their second roadster concept. Hyundai's first, the Euro I, was the early inspiration for the current Coupe.

But the Neos isn't only about striking styling. The two-litre four cylinder mid-mounted engine generates 250bhp and offers excellent weight distribution and balance for true sports car performance.

In addition the DOHC 'Beta' engine is mated to a high-tech six-speed sequential semi-automatic gearbox; which is both responsive and convenient in operation.

The high performance of the Neos has been achieved by Hyundai engineers reducing the vehicle's weight to an absolute minimum - achieved by the body being constructed from a composite of aluminium and thermoplastic resin.

As with all Hyundai vehicles, safety has been a primary factor in the construction of the Neos. Carbon fibre has been used in the body construction to maintain rigidity, while the front and rear sections incorporate a bio-cell honeycomb structure engineered to crumple a certain way and absorb impacts.

Security has been taken to a new level in the Neos. Entry is by a personal data-encoded card key, which also starts the car. Gullwing doors also make getting in and out a breeze.

The Neos is as bold and exciting on the inside as it is on the outside. The silver-and-blue trimming and racing car-style seats give the Neos a cockpit-style interior; the dashboard meanwhile uses both analogue and digital instrumentation to give the driver all the information he needs.

The Neos made its debut appearance at the Paris Motor Show in September. Unfortunately due to pressure of demand, the Neos will not be appearing at the British International Motor Show.