US Speaker Nancy Pelosi has hailed the taxpayer funded rescue of General Motors as evidence of a recovery in manufacturing.

"Preserving, bolstering, and expanding our manufacturing base is central to our economic growth, our national security, and our competitiveness on the global stage," she said.

"We know when we make, grow and build it in America, our country grows stronger, our workers grow more secure and our nation leads the world economy.

"I hope GM's progress spurs leaders on both sides of the aisle to work together to continue investing in our manufacturers, in our workers, and in jobs for our middle class."

Pelosi's comments come after a report yesterday (18 November) by the Center for Automotive Research in the US, said the GM rescue had saved more than 1.1m jobs in 2009 alone.

A further 314,000 posts are also expected to be saved this year.

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