The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has taken another decisive step into the world of electronic business (e-business.)

With more and more companies using the Internet as a medium through which business can be conducted , SMMT is introducing a revolutionary European Network Exchange (ENX®) to simplify and improve the way companies conduct business electronically. ENX® will enable businesses to use the Internet more securely, efficiently, with guaranteed levels of performance and accountability.

As technology develops, the Internet will offer companies the ability to buy and sell on-line , and SMMT will be working to develop and enhance e-business solutions in this crucial sector so that companies can best leverage this new technology.

In addition to ensuring the future of a secure and reliable e-business system , SMMT will also work to develop and implement business-to-business (B2B) solutions through virtual marketplace communities . It will also offer guidance, information, workshops, seminars and training courses to increase awareness of the new systems and technology on offer.

SMMT's new e-Business Manager, Yung Tran, will head up the company's e-business initiatives. Yung, 26, has worked at SMMT since graduating from Sussex University with a BEng (Hons) in Electronic Engineering with Business Management in 1997. He has been managing the ENX® project since 1999, and his wide-ranging challenging role is a progression from this project.

Commenting on his new job Yung said 'I'm delighted to be appointed to this new position and am very excited at the prospects ahead.

'These are very interesting times for the industry and given the rate of progress being made in e-business I believe this new way of working represents a tremendous opportunity for the industry as a whole to eliminate waste and inefficiencies.

'The clear message I will be sending out to companies is - embrace this new technology, and don't miss out!'