Britain's Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT) has appointed PSA UK's MD, Alison Jones, as its new vice president.

Jones will perform the duties of VP for the SMMT alongside her daily commitments to PSA UK.

Jones' new appointment will involve her playing a leading role in developing the SMMT's corporate strategy throughout the year. This work includes input on business strategy, budget memberships and affiliation applications.

"It is a pivotal time in our industry to be taking on this role; not only is the global automotive industry undergoing huge amounts of technological advancements, changing customer expectations and regulatory change, but we also have the unique challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic and Brexit happening at same time," said Jones.

"The SMMT is our industry voice with governments and members, with a critical role to play to represent and drive our industry interests for the benefit of our members, industry and country economy."