Six European car manufacturers have launched a joint campaign to let the cars of tomorrow beam wireless warnings of danger to surrounding motorists.

Reuters said the idea is to set up common technical standards and assign frequencies for a car-to-car network that would spring into action if vehicles encountered thick fog, sheet ice or accidents on European streets.

Volkswagen reportedly is working on the project along with its Audi premium car unit, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Fiat and Renault.

Still years away from entering service, the project envisions installing wireless communications devices in cars that could make every vehicle into a sender, receiver or router of emergency information, the report said.

The first car to sense danger would warn those around it, which would in turn pass the message on in ever-wider circles.

A Volkswagen spokesman told the news agency the consortium aimed to spread the service across the continent, but needed first to establish common standards and push for the necessary legislation and radio frequencies.