Sibur-Russian tyres is mulling the possibility of merging with other tyre manufacturers in the country, although evaluation is still at an early stage.

A source in Russia confirmed to just-auto that Sibur CEO Vadim Gurinov had said the tyremaker was in the process of discussing "different combinations," but further details remain sketchy.

Gurinov outlined his thoughts earlier this week, raising the necessity for the tyre industry in Russia to merge into one single entity.

Speculation in Russia has centred on Sibur looking at the Nizhnekamskshina, or KAMA, tyre manufacturer, although the source declined to confirm this was the case.

"Every big country has only one leading tyre producing company such as Michelin so this is the same idea," it said.

Sibur-Russian Tyres - a unit of petrochemical company Sibur Holding - maintains it is the largest producer in the country with a 17% market share.

It manufactures 16% of passenger car, 43% of lorry, 56% of agricultural and 80% of aviation tyres at seven factories in Russia.

Continental has a joint venture to make and market car tyres in Omsk, Russia, with the local company.

KAMA was not immediately available for comment on the merger speculation.

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