Replacing potentially faulty valve springs in 3,238 Lexus vehicles to be recalled in the UK will take between seven to 22 hours per car, depending on the model, the automaker said.

Affected UK models are the GS450h, GS460, LS460 and LS 600h. The recall is part of a global call back of 270,000 Lexus models and the Toyota Crown. Of those, 90,000 are in Japan, 138,000 in the US and 3,700 in Canada. Recalled cars are from the 2006 to 2008 model years.

There is a possibility that the strength of the valve spring may degrade, causing the spring to break. In that rare event the engine will misfire and the engine warning light will illuminate. The driver may also notice abnormal noise or rough engine performance.

UK owners will be offered complimentary use of a replacement Lexus while their car is being repaired.

“We apologise for any concern and inconvenience caused to our customers by this campaign,” said Lexus UK director Belinda Poole.

“Lexus take quality issues extremely seriously and we are intensifying our efforts to ensure they are minimised. As is the case with the valve springs, we will continue to take steps to ensure the quality of our customers’ ownership experience is safeguarded.”