Global production in September rose at four of Japan's top car makers, with Toyota and Nissan hitting a new monthly record in overseas production, the companies said on Friday, according to Associated Press (AP), which noted that production fell at Mitsubishi.

According to AP, Toyota, the nation's top car maker, said its worldwide production increased by 8.8% to 538,541 vehicles - production in Japan was up 0.4% and overseas output jumped by 22.0% to 234,015, lifted by a rise in almost all regions.

Toyota reportedly said the figure in September was its highest monthly overseas production ever - Toyota's previous highest monthly production was in June, when overseas output totalled 227,136 vehicles.

Company spokeswoman Keiko Sato told AP production rose in almost all regions, including the United States, Canada, Britain and France, and sales were brisk in models such as the Vios, produced in Thailand and Taiwan.

According to Associated Press, Nissan, the Tokyo-based partner of Renault, reported that global production rose 15.5% to 282,822 vehicles in September while production in Japan saw an 8.1% increase and overseas output surged 23.8% to 142,917 vehicles -- a record high figure for a single month.

AP said that surpassed the previous monthly record of 128,905 vehicles Nissan set in October 1999 - in the United States, Nissan hit a monthly record with 54,684 vehicles, a year on year gain of 55.7%, with cars produced there including the new Quest and Maxima models.

Toyota, Nissan and two other car makers reporting increased production attributed the better performance to continued strong demand in the United States, Europe and Asia, AP added.

At Honda, global production was up 3.4% to 262,824 vehicles in September while a 19.7% increase in overseas production offset a 14.1% domestic output drop, the report said.

AP said that global production at Mazda rose 7.2% to 98,156 vehicles - overseas production rose 26.5% while domestic output grew by 2.9%.

At Mitsubishi Motors, global production fell 8.7% to 142,385 vehicles, AP said, as production in Japan inched up 4.7% but overseas production dropped 20.5%.