The hot new Ibiza Cupra is SEAT's most powerful, production small car yet and also the most powerful new car you can buy for under £14,000. It's now available to order, hitting the decks of SEAT's UK showrooms from October. Starting with the name, Cupra comes from the words Cup and Racing and is SEAT-speak for its top-of-the-range models - cars which are a right laugh to drive, look fantastic and yet don't skimp on value and/or spec. The £13,995 Ibiza Cupra follows hot on the twin-chromed exhaust pipes of the Leon Cupra introduced earlier this year. It has the same 1.8-litre 20-valve turbocharged engine but tuned to give a maximum power output of 156 bhp. And just in case you missed it the first time, that's more than any other £14k new car.