"The new Seat" is turning the corner. At least that's what Chairman Andreas Schleef hinted at during the inauguration of its new Spanish headquarters Sunday (June 18).

During the event, Schleef said he was satisfied with Seat's overall performance this year, adding that it topped Spanish car sales in February, local daily Cinco Dias reported.

Moreover, Schleef said Seat could rehire (through relay contracts) some of the 660 workers it laid off last year if production picks up in coming months, Spanish press widely reported.
Seat officials could not be reached for comment.

Schleef reprised his prior complaints about high power costs in Spain and their negative impact on the automobile industry, local press reported.

He urged the government to improve the situation. Seat's new 12,000m2 headquarters are located at the company's large Martorell factory. The building replaces its former Barcelona city headquarters and will employ 600 people, Seat said in a statement.

The project responds to the company's intention "to mostly concentrate its activities in this location, which will bring greater synergies and efficiencies," Seat added.

Volkswagen-owned Seat said it will keep its Catalunya Motor main dealership in Barcelona.

Ivan Castano