Scania has sold 200 trucks to Raiba Trans, a member company of the Elnefeidi industrial group in the Sudan. The first consignment of 25 vehicles will be shipped in July.

The trucks will be used for transport duties in the expanding Sudanese oil industry, operating mainly between Port Sudan and Khartoum.

``This is a very important deal,'' commented Per Holmstrom, Sales Director of Scania's African markets. ``The Sudanese economy is growing rapidly in step with the expanding oil industry. We have a long-established relationship with this customer, which already numbers about 80 Scania trucks in its current fleet of 500 or so.''

The Elnefeidi Group is active in a number of commercial areas, and the Raiba Trans haulage company is also involved in international aid missions under the auspices of the UN's World Food Program. Apart from Sudan, Ethiopia and Chad, this agency is also working in Afghanistan.

The Group is headed by Ahmed Elnefeidi, who has been Sweden's consul in the Sudan for many years.

The new trucks -- Scania 420-hp T124s with twin rear-axle drive -- will be built at Scania's Dutch plant in Zwolle. Commencing this summer, delivery will be take place in stages during 2002-2003.