Saint-Gobain is to to present its bearing technology at the Innovative Seating Conference in Düsseldorf on 18 February.

The French manufacturer has developed a new type of bearing which it maintains makes it easier for automotive manufacturers to deliver the level of comfort end users desire. It is a new technology which combines low friction properties of a PTFE lined plain bearing and radial spring characteristics of tolerance rings.

"We are proud of our history of working with key players in the automotive world," said Saint-Gobain Interior Market Manager, Christoph Wirtz.

"Such experiences have made us aware of the challenges our customers face, for instance having to choose between torque and rattle in the design process.

"Our remedy guarantees constant sliding force over varying load, tolerance and misalignment compensation and zero clearance over lifetime to minimize rattle."

The new controlled low friction bearing delivers a clearance free fit over a range of mating component tolerances, while its spring characteristics have expanded the design possibilities in terms of shape.

The combination of spring steel and PTFE means less risk for clearance conditions, which can otherwise cause rattle. This means automotive manufacturers no longer have to create a tight bearing fit, which would increase the adjustment force to undesirable levels.

The Innovative Seating Conference takes place from 18 February in Düsseldorf.