Sabic has launched Xenoy HTX resin, a polyester-based, high-heat technology which can enable the production of light, impact resistant and structural automotive applications.

The resin is relevant for automakers who need new polymer solutions for the production of structural components capable of withstanding higher temperatures, including those of e-coating lines operating above 180°C maintains Sabic.

Relevant applications include body-in-white components, structural reinforcements and battery protection systems for electric vehicles (EVs).

Sabic says Xenoy HTX resin is available in unfilled and glass-filled grades and offers significant weight savings compared to steel and aluminium.

The new family of thermoplastic materials from SABIC also provides a drop-in alternative for polyamide 6.6 (PA66) compounds and alloys, which has recently seen frequent supply shortages and price fluctuations.

"We are strongly committed to investing in the future of the automotive industry by developing technologies that can deliver greater value and help our customers either meet new requirements or stretch the limits of performance," said Sabic Automotive Business global leader, Amanda Roble.

"A good proof point of that commitment is our new Xenoy HTX resin portfolio, which answers the call for material solutions that can allow structural reinforcements to go through the e-coat process and maintain their energy absorbing properties and other performance attributes over a wider temperature range."

The first products of this new high-heat resin technology to be introduced at the K 2019 exhibition and available for sampling, include unfilled Xenoy HTX 950 as well as two glass fibre reinforced grades, Xenoy HTX 975 and Xenoy HTX 575.

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