SABIC's Specialities business is to collaborate with Nottingham Spirk, a business innovation and product design firm based in Cleveland, Ohio.

The relationship brings together SABIC's proprietary speciality thermoplastic offerings and Nottingham Spirk's capabilities to design and commercialise breakthrough products across multiple industrial verticals.

"SABIC's thermoplastics portfolio is renowned in many key industries such as automotive, aircraft and rail interiors, electrical and electronics," said SABIC Specialities Business Unit EVP, Ernesto Occhiello.

"However, there is a tremendous opportunity for our high-performance materials – which offer unique combinations of thermal, mechanical and electrical properties – to be used in end products that can shape the future of healthcare, consumer goods, energy and electric vehicles, just to name a few.

"Working closely with Nottingham Spirk and taking part in their proven innovation process enables us to look at the entire value chain differently for fresh creative ideas that support our customers' growth aspirations."

SABIC's portfolio of thermoplastics and compounds includes:

  • Noryl resin, a polyphenylene ether material with hydrolytic and dimensional stability, in addition to electrical insulation properties
  • Ultem resin, a polyetherimide material delivering strength, rigidity, heat and chemical resistance and hydro stability
  • LNP compounds, a family of materials engineered to deliver structural performance, impact resistance, flame resistance, conductivity or electrostatic dissipation, EMI shielding, thermal management and other specific characteristics depending on application requirements