The Saab Variable Compression (SVC) engine concept has been honored by Popular Science magazine with a "Best of What's New" award for automotive technology. The editors of the world's largest science and technology magazine selected the SVC concept to be among 100 "Best of What's New" items -- placing it on the annual list of new products and technology developments.

The SVC engine concept is a radical new design that enables fuel consumption to be drastically cut while increasing engine performance per liter of engine displacement. The SVC uses energy in fuel far more efficiently than today's conventional automotive engines through a combination of reduced engine displacement, high supercharging pressure, and a unique system for varying the compression ratio.

The SVC concept reduces the fuel consumption of a conventional naturally aspirated engine by up to 30 percent while at the same time providing impressive performance. The five-cylinder SVC engine developed by Saab has a displacement of 1.6 liters and is as fuel-efficient under normal conditions as a conventional 1.6-liter engine, but can deliver power comparable to a highly tuned 3.0-liter engine when needed. The carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are reduced proportionately to the fuel consumption, while the CO, HC and NOx emissions will enable the SVC engine to meet all current and proposed future emissions regulations.

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