Saab is describing as "unfortunate" a leaked document from the Swedish embassy in Beijing that appears to contain "subjective" views on the proposed Hawtai investment in the Swedish automaker.

A reliable source familiar with the matter in Beijing confirmed to just-auto that the report commented on what Hawtai has been doing "and what they have not been doing" and, despite the content not being official, some detail leaked out.

The source added ambassador Lars Freden had said it was the job of the embassy to report to the ministry "what we know and what we don't know" although it was apparently never an intention to comment on business deals.

The source conceded the report had perhaps been interpreted negatively although insisted Freden had not made any negative comments "as such" on Hawtai's activities.

It also appears the report was leaked before it was scrutinised.

Saab remained sanguine about the leak, maintaining it would not make "a bigger deal" out of the report but admitted it was talking to the embassy in China to clear the air.

"We have a dialogue with the embassy in Beijing to clear up if they have concerns," a Saab spokeswoman told just-auto. "It [the report] was never intended to be leaked.

"Who knows how that happens but things happen - it was unfortunate. I would say we are in a constructive dialogue with the Swedish Embassy in Beijing."

News of the leak follows a visit yesterday (5 May) by Hawtai CEO Richard Zhang to the Saab plant in Trollhattan where production remains halted pending financial negotiations.