Nissan Europe total sales fell 4% year on year last month to 32,468 vehicles. Year to date sales were off 5.3% to 61,874 units.

Total industry volume was down 2.8% last month in western Europe, compared to last year, particularly in markets such as Spain, Portugal and Germany (down 14%).

Nissan cited the run-out of three products from the popular European C and D segments (Almera, Tino and Primera) at the end of last year as the main reason for its February decline.

Despite this, it said the Russian and UK markets performed well, as did eastern Europe and the Nordic regions. Sales of the new C-segment Qashqai crossover have just begun for which the initial order bank shows a promising start.

In the region of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, Nissan sold 6,644 units in February, up 80% compared to last year. Year to date sales of 11,699 units are up 88.8%.

UK sales rose 3.7% to 2,235 units in February though year to date volume was off 16% to 6,486 units.

In eastern Europe (Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia), volume was up 38.2% to 1,399 units last month.

Year to date sales of 6,957 units in Italy were down 19.1%, the same amount as in Spain (7,106YTD).