Today (October 4, 2000) MG Rover Group announces the commencement of production of the Rover 75 Saloon at its Longbridge, Birmingham, UK plant.

The transfer of the £400m high technology facility from BMW Oxford to Longbridge has been completed on time and to exacting quality standards.

The extent of this civil engineering project is probably unique in the history of the British car industry. The rate of production will increase progressively and reach full operating volume by November.

Rover 75 was the culmination of a £400m product investment and a 'clean sheet of paper' design, launched progressively to markets around the world from June 1999. Since then, it has received multiple awards and accolades from around the world, including What Car? magazine's Car of the Year, Germany's Golden Steering Wheel and voted in Italy as 'Most beautiful car in the world' saloon.

Another model, the Rover 75 Estate, will be introduced into the new facilities by summer 2001. As a consequence the MG Rover Group will be producing four Rover models (Rover 25, Rover 45, Rover 75 Saloon and Rover 75 Estate) with the MGF and will be joined by new MG models from one plant, giving both overhead cost and efficiency benefits.