In his first interview in a year, film maker Michael Moore - whose 1989 movie 'Roger and Me' was about the effect of GM factory closures on his home town of Flint, Michigan - has again hit out at the automaker.

Speaking on a talk radio show in Flint, Moore blasted GM for its announcement of plant closings in the United States, including another factory in the Michigan town.

"It's weirdly ironic that it's 19 years today (22 November), when I first thought of doing a film about General Motors," said Moore. "Still after all these years GM continues this unfortunate behaviour," he added.

Moore believes the timing of the announcement, just before the US Thanksgiving holiday break, was intended to "paralyse" the employees, so they could not "climb out of their depression" to fight back.

Moore blamed current GM leadership for their claimed US$4 billion revenue loss. He asked: "Has any GM executive in the last 30 years even bothered to take a Honda or Toyota for a drive around the block?", suggesting that those in charge at GM may realise the qualities consumers are looking for in foreign-badged vehicles.

"This arrogance and stupidity," Moore said, has led the company to near economic ruin. He added: "General Motors leadership has turned the American dream into the American nightmare."