Renault UK is relaunching its scrappage scheme, enabling customers to save up to GBP5,000 (US$6,636) on a brand new car. The UK new car market is in decline this year and Renault's move is an indication of highly competitive market conditions.

Applicable to the full range of Renault cars, the scrappage scheme means customers can save GBP9,500 off the list price of a new all-electric Renault ZOE when the existing government plug-in car grant of GBP4,500 is combined with a potential scrappage saving of GBP5,000. That brings the cost of a brand new Renault ZOE down to GBP13,420 including the plug-in car grant and a GBP5,000 scrappage allowance.

Any car or light commercial vehicle, from any manufacturer, registered before 31 December 2011 is eligible for Renault's relaunched scrappage scheme as long as it's been registered to the owner for at least 90 days. These savings can then be put towards any of Renault's wide range of cars.

Starting from GBP18,420 RRP including the plug-in car grant, the Renault ZOE has recently been updated with the new R110 motor that brings more power to the car. This gives improved performance, particularly under acceleration, with a realistic range of 186 miles. The ZOE was the best selling electric car in Europe last year and now includes Android Auto as well as a seven-inch colour touchscreen and Bluetooth connectivity. Retail customers will also receive a free wallbox so they can easily charge their ZOE at home, and this applies whether they purchase through the scrappage scheme or not.

The Renault scrappage scheme is active now and runs until 7 January 2019. The customer's new Renault must be registered by 31 March 2019. The scrappage scheme is not compatible with any other finance or cash offers but can be used in conjunction with Renault's GBP500 test drive offer. The scrapped car will be permanently taken off the road.

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