Third-quarter Renault group revenues rose 7.6 % year on year to EUR8,711m. Group unit sales rose 5.7% to 591,855 units compared to a global market increase of 4.6%.

In Europe, in a market that fell 11.5%, group sales were down 4.0%. Sales outside Europe increased 22.8% in growing markets, accounting for 42% of sales.

In the Eurasia region, sales rose 37% in a market that expanded 40.1%, owing mainly to the impact of government incentives in Russia.

In the Euromed region, sales were up 11.3% compared with a market increase of 11.8%. The group posted a good performance in Turkey, where sales jumped 38.7% for a 1.2 point gain in market share.

In the Asia/Africa region, group sales rose 10.4% in a market that grew 11.0%.

In the Americas, the group posted its best performance with a 41.3% increase in a market that expanded 14.1%. It achieved a 5.3% market share in Brazil, breaking through the 5% threshold in the third quarter.

Automotive revenues increased 7.9%1 to EUR8,268m. Despite the 5.7% year-on-year rise in global unit sales, the volume impact on revenues was a negative 0.6 points due to the weaker geographic mix and lower inventories. Price/mix impacted favourably by 2.9 points and currency by 4.1 points. The remainder came from other activities, including the sales of vehicles and components to third parties, for +1.5 points.

Finance subsidiary RCI Banque contributed EUR443m to group revenues, up 1.1% on the same period in 2009. At 230,589, the number of new financing contracts increased 11.2% year on year, while average loans outstanding rose 5.2% to EUR21.1bn.

The group’s expectations for global automotive market growth have been revised to 9% (+8% previously). In Europe, where the market is now expected to contract by 5% (versus -7% previously), competitive pressures are becoming increasingly strong, Renault noted.

Supported by strong international markets and share gains, global sales are forecast at more than 2.5m vehicles in 2010.