Amsterdam city has inked a Definitive Agreement today (22 September) with the Renault-Nissan alliance to promote electric vehicles.

Among the specific targets agreed by both parties are registrations of at least 1,000 EV sales by the end of 2011.

As a first step to reaching that target, Nissan will deliver 100 Nissan LEAFs to fleet customers starting in February 2011. In June 2011, deliveries of the
100% electric, zero-emission car will begin to individual customers.

Deliveries of the Fluence ZE and Kangoo Express ZE electric vehicles from Renault will start shortly afterwards.

Amsterdam has introduced several incentives in order to stimulate EV demand, including free electricity at public charging posts until March 2012, as well as free parking at those posts.

Since March 2009, businesses are also eligible for a subsidy from the city when purchasing an EV. In addition, EV buyers benefit from national incentives, including zero registration tax and zero road tax.

For businesses, that means the Nissan LEAF is available for less than EUR30,000 (US$40,100) including battery.

The city is already developing a comprehensive charging infrastructure to support EV customers, with almost 100 charging points installed in public areas since November 2009.

Each point has at least one regular user. To meet growing demand for electric charging points, Amsterdam plans to install up to 2,000 additional charging points in the streets, car parks and Park and Ride sites.

The extra charging points will be financed by the Air Quality Fund, with a contribution from the government.

Starting in 2011, Amsterdam will install a ‘Quick Charger' in the city which is capable of up to 50kW and which can recharge a battery to 80% of its capacity in around 30min. The city will also encourage the installation of private charging posts at companies.

As well as providing a supply of advanced EVs for purchase or lease and managing the Netherlands' EV Pilot Programme, the Renault-Nissan Alliance will establish a sales and service network for the cars in the Amsterdam area.

"Amsterdam and the Renault-Nissan Alliance are both front-runners in electric mobility," said Air Quality Programme director for the City of Amsterdam Maarten Linnenkamp

It's not just drivers who will benefit from this agreement. In the end, the whole city will be better off with electric mobility."