Renault is set to meet its full-year target of a 2% operating margin and will consider re-launching its brands in the US from 2010, chairman Louis Schweitzer said on Friday according to Reuters.

Schweitzer also confirmed in an interview on television station LCI that Renault aimed to secure either the same market share in 2002 as last year, or more, Reuters said.

According to Reuters, Schweitzer confirmed that Renault would not return to the US market before 2010, due to the success there of the firm's Japanese partner Nissan, in which it holds a 44.4% stake.

But he stressed that it would consider launching Renault brands in the world's largest car market after that date. This would be made easier thanks to Nissan's existing network of factories and dealerships, he said, according to Reuters.

"The United States is becoming an important question for reflection for Renault, because it is a very big market," he said, Reuters reported. "At the moment, it is Nissan (in the U.S.). But from 2010, this is something to re-examine."

According to Reuters, Schweitzer also said that Renault did not intend to form any link-up with crisis-hit Italian carmaker Fiat. When asked if Renault was looking at Fiat he replied: "No."

Reuters said that Schweitzer reaffirmed an earlier forecast that the European car market as a whole would dip by around 4% this year, and that Renault hoped to maintain, or improve, its market share.

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