Renault has created Renault Consulting, a consulting and training firm made up of Institut Renault and the automaker's own organisation and B2E departments.

External clients account for 50% of the activity of Institut Renault, and Renault Consulting will continue to provide services to them. Michel Gambier is chairman of the consulting unit.

Institut Renault was created in 1989 as an advisory service to boost the group's performance. Its distinctive, pragmatic approach tailored to the needs of clients, participative methods and rapid, quantifiable results made it a key partner for the Alliance as well as for outside companies.

The institute works together with its corporate clients to help define their vision and strategy, optimise the management of human resources and processes and deploy a global policy. It supplies the models and guidelines for sustainable improvement.

For example, it set up collaborative tools to enhance employee efficiency and helped adapt Nissan's Total Quality methods to Renault's working environment. It also contributed to the development and deployment of Renault Excellence Plan 4 to improve service quality throughout the network.

Since 1991, the institute has also offered its services to companies outside the group.

Today, its activity is evenly divided between the Renault-Nissan Alliance and external clients.

It operates as an international network that includes four institutes in Europe (Spain, Great Britain, Italy and Poland) supported by a network of partners in the United States, India and Romania. Its aim is always to transfer skills and expertise to the client.

In 2006, Renault Consulting generated EUR26m in revenues.

The organisation department's mission is to help Renault's management optimise its organisation. It also acts as advisor when calling on outside consulting firms and supports Renault's change management.

The business to employee department defines and deploys the group's B2E strategy. It provides the services, methods and tools used by employees to manage products, work together and exchange information when not in the office. The B2E department is also responsible for the performance of the projects deployed.