Renault has just conducted its 10,000th crash test at its Lardy Technical Centre in France.

Renault created the Lardy Technical Centre in the Paris region in 1951, to conduct tests on future vehicles and embark on its first crash tests.

During the last fifty years, its engineers have tested nearly 11,000 vehicles (some tests involve two vehicles), made over 100,000 videos, taken almost 500,000 photos and analysed more than one million measurements.

Renault has been conducting virtual crash tests for a number of years to complement real-life testing, using digital techniques to broaden its research areas.

These tests (around 300 real and 4,500 virtual tests a year), along with the information gathered at accident sites, are analysed and shared by the LAB (Laboratory of Accident Research, Biomechanics and the Study of Human Behaviour, common to Renault and PSA Peugeot Citroën) and used to design safety systems that correspond with the reality of road accidents.