Renault and Google Cloud are partnering to accelerate the digitisation of the automaker's industrial system and Industry 4.0 transformation. 

Renault has been developing its own digital platform since 2016 to connect and aggregate industrial data from 22 Group sites worldwide, representing 76% of vehicle production and more than 2,500 machines.

The new partnership with Google Cloud aims, among other things, at optimising Groupe Renault's wholly-owned and independently operated industrial data management platform.

Renault adds Google Cloud's solutions and experience in smart analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence will enable it to improve its supply chain and manufacturing efficiency.

Employee training also forms an element of the new partnership. Renault and Google Cloud plan to build a scalable programme to enhance Renault process engineering, manufacturing and IT teams' skills via co-working, training and entablement sessions with the Google team.

"This collaboration is a perfect illustration of Groupe Renault's digital strategy, applied here to the industrial field," said Renault executive committee member and director of Manufacturing and Logistics, José Vicente de los Mozos.

"This agreement and the commitment of our IT, manufacturing and supply chain management teams will allow us to accelerate the deployment of our Industry 4.0 plan designed to transform and connect our production sites and logistics processes around the world to improve our standards of excellence and performance.

"This partnership is also an asset for Renault employees who will benefit from high-level training in digital data management."