Launching the Captur is proving to have been a masterstroke for Renault: the company now says it needs to add a third shift at its Valladolid plant to meet demand.

The Spanish plant was for years vastly underutilised due to two reasons: the failure of the Modus to reach overambitious sales targets, and lower than hoped for demand for the Twizy. Now, it is to gain a night shift from October. Captur production began there in February 2013 at the rate of 350 cars a day, with a second shift added four months later. The move to a third shift will also mean the creation of 450 jobs, Renault notes.

In addition to the Twizy and Captur, Valladolid also makes a version of the latter CUV for export to South Korea, where it is marketed as the Samsung QM3.