Russia's 'Federal Antimonopoly Service' is set to approve AvtoVAZ's bid to buy automobile plant IzhAvto.

Igor Artemyev, head of the watchdog, has told Russian media sources that the deal will most likely be approved.

AvtoVAZ has set up a wholly owned subsidiary Lada IzhAvto for the purchase of IzhAvto.

In June, Russia's SOK Group offered to sell IzhAvto to AvtoVAZ for 12 billion rubles.

IzhAvto is based in the city of Izhevsk in the constituent republic of Udmurtia. The carmaker currently assembles Lada-2104 and Lada-2107 cars from AvtoVAZ car kits. IzhAvto also assembles Kia cars.

IzhAvto produced 78,802 vehicles in 2007, up 21%.