Recaro Automotive has opened its new North American facility in Clinton Township, Michigan.

The new facility will be responsible for OEM, commercial vehicle and aftermarket seats.

Additionally, international shipments of seating materials and products will be processed through this specific plant. Recaro's most recent product launch, the brand's first off-road seats, will soon start production at Recaro Automotive HQ.

These seats, known as the Pro Racer SPG XL ORV and the Cross Sportster ORV, will come to market by the end of 2020 for customer purchase.

To support these endeavours, the Recaro Automotive HQ will create job opportunities for workers within the Detroit area.

Following the acquisition of Recaro Automotive by Raven Acquisitions, the company continues to focus on its core business; performance seats and ergonomic seats, as well as special applications.

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